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KD502 tesla 20A 150W TO3 power transistor 2N3055 2SD175

KD502 Tesla 20A 150W High Power Silicon TO3 Transistor NEW
KD502 - Si, NPN, 60V, 20A, 150W, 2MHz, TO3 package - High Power High Voltage Transistor.
Equivalent to: 2N3055 2SD175 BDY20 KT808A
Taking into consideration all above parameters, the KD502 is a way better replacement of any of the above equivalents. For example:
Power: 2N3055 - 117W, KD502 - 150W
Current: 2N3055 - 15A, KD502 - 20A
Frequency: 2N3055 - 200 KHz, KD502 - 2 MHz
The KD502 transistor is specially designed for high power audio and linear applications.
EUROPE (All countries): 7...10 days
ALL OTHER destinations (North and South America, Asia, Africa, etc.): 10...15 days
1. Wire transfer. I would prefer if you can send a direct wire transfer to my bank account in Bulgaria, in EUR or USD. I will provide all IBAN and BIC / SWIFT codes you will need for these transfers. I will provide full details of an intermediary bank too (only if necessary). If a bank transfer to my country is not possible or if it is too expencive, I can provide bank accounts in United Kingdom (UK), Germany and France with their respective IBAN account numbers. Full bank details will be provided upon request.
4.1. International Postal Money Orders from countries like Japan and Italy (and from other countries) that are sent from a post office and should be cashed at my local post office. These postal money orders should be sent to my Bulgarian street address. If you need more infomration, please contact me.
KD502 tesla 20A 150W TO3 power transistor 2N3055 2SD175